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The One20Four Group was founded on the premise that we understand the challenges and opportunities faced by our customers because we have lived them. This deep-rooted background provides a foundation for us to connect with our customers and provide solutions that are meaningful and practical.

Our unique approach provides our clients with an opportunity to save on overhead costs while still receiving world-class expertise. We are simply faster, better, and less expensive. Let us prove it.


Convert your strategy into a gameplan for the next 5 years. 

Objectives and Key Results

Set actionable and targeted tasks for you and your team.


Finance & Accounting

We provide the necessary infrastructure to ensure all accounting functions are high performing, meeting the needs of the business, and providing the data needed to make better decisions. Our services include:

  • fractional and interim leadership
  • bookkeeping
  • financial reporting
  • financial technology integration
  • CFO advisory 


Business Modeling

Knowing the future helps make better decisions today.  Our primary focus is to help our clients move toward results-based business decision models. We are called upon to assist organizations to overcome complex business challenges or to create opportunities for growth and sustainability.

Comprehensive statistical modeling combined with industry research to support fact based decisions and our collective experience to ensure that qualitative factors are also included.



In conjunction with our business design and decision modeling, we assist organizations with targeted planning, problem-solving, and integration support.

This is where our past experience in leading major change in organizations comes to play. We are not just advising from a consultative perspective, but from having lived it. This insight allows us to quickly identify the path forward and remove obstacles, confusion, and uncertainty in moving forward. These services include:

  • Market Development
  • Strategy Development
  • Restructuring
  • Major Change Initiatives
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Budgeting / Forecasting / Financial Mapping
  • Performance Evaluation
  • KPI creation

Getting Started

We reduce uncertainty, risk & complexity –  giving you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best, at a fraction of the cost! We combine your knowledge of the business with our creativity and innovative approach to:

  • Solve immediate challenges
  • create profitable business models
  • provide the necessary resources to make it happen

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